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The news is spreading fast, and the whole world is starting to take advantage of the incredible health benefits associated with using Superfruits. Nutrifruit Labs is committed to creating exotic fruit supplements of the highest quality, using potent ingredients, in the purest and most potent form possible, which have intensive research and studies. Some of the Superfruits have more calcium then Milk, more vitamin C then oranges and one major point is their incredible antioxidant capabilities and ability to fight free radicals in our bodies. Since antioxidants found in Superfruits cancel the cell-damaging effects of free radicals, there is evidence that suggests they have disease-prevention capabilities.


Cholesterol Lowering High in Fibre, Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin C.
Açai assists the body with:
• Removing of harmful saturated fatty acids
• Assists in improving digestion
• Helps in lowering cholesterol in the blood


Mood Enhancer - Protects eyesight  from degeneration
Camu Camu assists the body with:
• The carotenoid content assists in protecting the eyes from age related degeneration
• Maintaining healthy teeth, gums, eyes and skin
• Helps preserve metal clarity
• Assists with mood balance and elevating the spirit



Immune Booster – Assists with Chronic Fatigue
Noni Fruit assists the body with:
• Strengthening the immune system
• Assists in stimulating cellular health
• Helps to keep the system functioning in peak condition
• Noni fruit is widely reported in helping to clear infections and assists with chronic fatigue


Anti-Inflammatory - Cartilage, Joint and Bone Support
Mangosteen assists the body with:
• Builds up and protects cartilage and joint function
• Assists with maintaining a healthy respiratory system
• Neutralizes free radicals to protect health of cells
• Maintain intestinal system health



Potent Anti Oxidant – Balances Blood Sugar Levels
Goji Berry assists the body with:
• Protecting the liver from toxins
• Enhances the conversion of food to energy
• Helps to balance blood sugar levels
• Increases stamina
• Provided resistance against diseases and viral infections



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