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CACTI-SLIM™ - Weight Managment 

CACTI-SLIM™ is a Weight Management programme formulated using Cactus Fruit, Cacti-Nea™ and Cactus Leaf, NeOpuntia™ ingredients that have been extensively researched and have Clinical Studies .

By following the CACTI-SLIM™ Weight Management Programme, in accordance with the instructions, then an overweight or obese person should be able to gradually reduce his/her body weight to a level approaching normality, providing that two very important life-style changes are made - take regular exercises and eat a more nutritionally healthy and balanced diet.

CACTI-SLIM™ - Products

It is recommended that these two products should be taken simultaneously, starting with both the CACTI-SLIM™ Flush & Burn and CACTI-SLIM™ Block. After 10 days when the Flush & Burn is finished. Continue with the Block. The Flush & Burn can be taken again at 2-3 month intervals.

  1. CACTI-SLIM™ - Flush & Burn
  2. CACTI-SLIM™ - Block
CACTISLIM - FLUSH & BURN - is a blend of 3 scientifically researched and tested ingredients. Cacti-Nea(tm), Green Tea Extract and Milk Thistle These ingredients may flush your body of waste. Cactislim has been formulated to help support the healthy function of your liver, colon and digestive system
Product Code: NF001
NAPPI Code: 713644-001


400mg, 30 Capsules
Cacti-Nea(TM) is a prickly pear fruit extract with antioxidant and diuretic and detoxifying properties, but contrary to standard diuretic substances though, this cactus fruit from which Cacti-Nea(TM) is made does not lead to excessive mineral loss. Studies have shown that Cacti-Nea helps to lose body fat and refine the silhouette. Green Tea Extract is believed to boost metabolism by stimulating the burning of fat in the body and increasing energy levels. It supports stabilized blood sugar levels and therefore assists in reducing the appetite. Milk Thistle is a bitter herb and has a regenerative tonic effect on the liver cells. It can assist the body with detoxifying and strengthening the liver and stimulating bile flow.

CACTISLIM - BLOCK - contains NeOpuntiaŽ,a 100% natural fibre made from dehydrated cactus leaves, with lipophilic properties. By lipophylic properties, we mean NeOpuntiaŽs ability to attract and bind to fats when in their presence
Product Code: NF002
NAPPI Code: 713630-001


400mg, 60 Capsules
Clinical Studies show that NeOpuntiaŽ reduces fat absorption, supports healthy weight-management, helps to regulate blood lipid levels, positively influences syndrome x diagnosis. NeOpuntiaŽ has been shown to help decrease food cravings, and reduce excess body weight.

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